When Andrew and Silke Highet took over running the family winery, they wanted to redefine what Killinchy Wines was all about, and develop a brand that really stood out in the marketplace. Andrew and Silke believe that good wine needn’t be snobby and elitist. Their vision was to challenge industry conventions and develop a unique portfolio of fun, playful brands that ooze personality. We took the client through our brand strategy development process, which led us to develop a firmly tongue-in-cheek brand, for those partial to the odd wine.

This resulted in the development of the fire-breathing gramophone brandmark, which is the perfect metaphor for their unique philosophy. The business cards were laser-cut from a collection of old vinyl records. Due to the varying methods of vinyl record production, each card has unique markings, scratches and a varying thickness. Contact details were printed on adhesive uncoated vellum labels, and hand-applied.

Check out Frisky Midget; the first brand in the Killinchy Wines portfolio.