We see your brand not as your logo, but the perception that people have in their minds about your business. We help our clients to define how they would like their brand to be perceived in the marketplace, and then help them to manage this perception at every possible opportunity.

In order to do this, we follow a strategic process for all of our projects, which can be distilled into three stages:

We cannot recommend solutions before we have objectively identified the unique challenges of your project. We therefore always begin by gaining a solid understanding of your business, your objectives, your competitors, and your market. This stage involves a comprehensive brand audit, a competitive analysis, and market research.

The strategy stage begins with an interactive brand workshop. This stage is about both challenging and inspiring ideas for your business. The end result is a comprehensive brand strategy document that can be used as a strategic filter for all future marketing and business decisions.

Where naming is required for a brand or product, we then follow a rigorous naming process, and present a short list of names that have first been checked for availability and legal protectability.

On completion of the strategy stage, we then collaborate with our clients to craft the creative brief, which sets out the objectives for the creative work. The creative work can then be assessed with reference to achieving the agreed-upon objectives. The creative work is always a bespoke solution that is both aesthetically pleasing and strategically sound.

We do not recommend shortcuts to our process, as eliminating steps would be detrimental to achieving long-term results.